Emily and Adam were childhood sweethearts
Emily and Adam were childhood sweethearts

Emily and Adam were childhood sweethearts

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Emily and Adam were childhood sweethearts

Emily and Adam were childhood sweethearts. They lived door to door since they were 4 and they went to the same preschool, school, and now it’s the time for college. Nothing around them has ever affected their love, attention, and care for each other. But now when they are 17 preparing for their college admission Adam is shocked. To know that Emily has received a scholarship for MBBS in another city.

Although he was sad at separating from her he knew that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her and it’s been her dream to be a successful doctor. So he convinced her to take the scholarship. Even though Emily was reluctantly and afraid of going to a new city leaving her parents and Adam alone they all convinced her to avail herself of this great opportunity.

Adam promised her that he would always stay in touch with her and she could contact him whenever she wanted and share her every problem with him. She agreed and the very next week she moved from Marfino to Moscow.

The first few months were very difficult for both of them, since it was the first time they were so distant from each other. But this didn’t lessen their love for each other. They talk to each other all night long telling whole-day stories. Time flew like wind and 4 years passed like a flash, but in all this time Adam felt that his bond with Emily had been weakened.

At first, he thought that it was because of her study burden but later he perceived that she looked annoyed whenever he called her or texted her, so started limiting his interaction with her. Since it was her last year he didn’t want to distract her.

The day before Emily’s graduation party Adam went to her hostel to surprise her. When he reached there the door was already half opened he immediately grabbed the nob and opened the rest of the door. As he entered the room he saw that Emily was sitting on the floor and there was a chocolate cake reclining on the floor.

It might have fallen when Emily leaned back to close the door but Amad opened it at the wrong time and she eventually lost her balance and dropped the cake. As Emily looked up her face was submerged in tears, she started shouting at Adam calling her the biggest disaster of her life. Then she pushed Adam back and ran out of the room.

For instance, Adam was unable to process what just happened right now; it was indeed an accident. So, he rushed to run after her but one of her dorm friends stopped him. She said that Emily is very exhausted right now and he is the last person she wants to see. Adam was so confused hearing this, then she explained that 4 months ago.

Adam’s mother had called Emily and asked her to leave him alone since she thinks that Emily herself is making a good career but she is a distraction for her son. Henceforth, Emily has composed her feelings and started avoiding you. But now since you came all her strength and courage has vanished. And that’s why she has reacted so harshly. Adam was stunned listening to this, since so long he thought that Emily was tired of him but in reality, it was her love for him that was stopping her from interacting with him.

He dashed out, bought a new cake, and went straight to Emily who was sitting in the university library. There he grabbed a small ring box from his pocket, kneeled down, and proposed to Emily. Emily went blank, everything around her was silent while she was sobbing. Although it was her desperate wish to be with him, she didn’t want him to disobey his mother.

Then Adam told her that he has got a very good job and his mother herself has permitted him to propose to Emily as soon as she completes her MBBS. But after listening to all this chaos he thinks it’s the best moment to express his feelings for her.  Tears started running down her cheeks, but she controlled herself and passed her hand toward Adam. He put the ring on her finger then they both smiled and hugged.

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