Minsha and Zarsha
Minsha and Zarsha

Minsha and Zarsha

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Minsha and Zarsha

Minsha was the only nerd in the school of the spoiled elite kids. He was considered nothing more than a bookworm with zero friends and no social status. One day at a club the most popular school group was having fun playing truth and dare when out of nowhere Ayish challenged Zarsha (the beauty pageant of the Squad) to date Minsha. They wanted to revenge on him for reporting them cheating in exams. She confidently took the dare since it was nothing new among them, they usually dare each other to fool students at school.

The very next morning Zarsha acted on the plan and went straight to Minsha asking for his physics notes. He quietly handed them over to her. The same evening she again went to Minsha and asked him to give her some basic physics classes for the exams coming next week.

He reluctantly agreed because he knew that interacting with this squad brings nothing, but trouble. He asked her to meet him tomorrow at the school library after the maths class. Zarsha nodded and returned to her squad, waiting for her in the hallway. She told them about the news like a victory succeeded in fooling the enemy.

The next day, Minsha started teaching her. At first, she showed no interest in studies and always talked about fashion brands and cars. She was nothing more than a dumb rich and self-absorbed person. But after some time Zarsha realized that she was enjoying talking to Minsha and taking his class and deep down she also started admiring him.

He was nothing like the people around her who valued nothing but the price tags of her stuff and her bank balance. She realized that although she had always seen him as an introvert and nerd he was very funny, interesting, caring, and talkative. But he only opens up to people he knows.

On the last day before the physics exams, Minsha was quietly handing the final notes to Zarsha when Zarsha suddenly kneeled and confessed her love to Minsha. Minsha’s heart stopped pounding, he quickly started gathering his stuff and dashed out of the library. After that day Minsha started avoiding Zarsha. While on the other hand, Minsha was also ashamed of her hasty behavior and lost the courage to talk to him or apologize to him. Although all this started as a joke was now very meaningful to her and she was down in dumbs for losing a real friend and the love of her life.


Zarsha stopped handing out with her friends and insulated herself. Days went on like this when day Zarsha’s phone screen lightened with a text from Minsha. He told her that he needed to meet her urgently. Zarsha was stunned, she immediately composed her feelings and texted him asking about the place and time. After 2 hours they met at a restaurant near the school.

As soon as Zarsha entered Minsha stood up from his table and went straight to her and passed her ring and said that she was the only love of his life at first he couldn’t openly express his feelings because he thought he was not worthy of her love but now he is ready to hold a relationship with her. Zarsha was over the moon, she promptly passed her hand and wore the ring. The whole restaurant started clapping for them.

From that day on Minsha and Zarsha became the most popular couple of the school. However, after some time Minsha started looking annoyed and worried, When Minsha asked him he told her that his father’s business was at a loss and he couldn’t make it to school. He had asked for a loan from some people and now they are threatening him. On listening to this Zarsha’s heart skipped a beat, she asked him about the sum he needed. But he refused to take her favor but then she insisted that he could take it as an advance tuition fee and teach her every day for free. He agreed but didn’t look satisfied.

After this event, Zarsha was very happy that she was the only person in Minsha’s life with whom is shared his problems. The time flew like wind and these two years of high school were the most beautiful time of Zarsha’s life. And now it was the time for the farewell. Both of them had decided that they would get married right after attending the prom together. But one hour before the party Minsha texted Zarsha and told her that something urgent had come up and she drove to the party herself he would join her in an hour. Zarsha agreed and went on her way.

As soon as she entered the hallway she could see every eye on her. For instance, her mind was unable to process what was happening, then suddenly Ayish (the friend who dared her to date Minsha) took her by the arm and dragged her to a corner. She then showed her a video posted 30 minutes ago on the school’s Facebook page. It was the recording from the club when her squad was daring her to date that book nerd and along with this, there were also some other pictures and a long note.

Where Minsha had mentioned how he had fooled Zarsha into her own game and earned expensive gifts and huge cash for dating that dumb. He also said that the traitor should have the taste of their own medicine. Zarsha’s mind went blank, and she burst into tears. She felt nothing but humiliation and betrayal. She ran towards the exit gate and the last fave she was Minsha smirking at her.

After she left Ayish went straight to Minsha, confronted him and slapped him. She then showed him texts from their last year’s group chat where despite being considered a loser Zarsha was ready to leave her entire squad just to be with him. Moreover, she also told him that Zarsha had also sold her favorite car just to give him that money. He turned pale and nuts. It was the moment when realized that just for giving her a good beat he had crushed a pure heart and now there is nothing but shards.

He rushed out to his car and went straight to Zarsha’s house. He knocked on the door several times, shouted for forgiveness, and called her a million times but now he couldn’t make up for what he had broken. It was almost midnight, and Minsha was still at Zarsha’s door waiting for her to open it so that he could apologize for his mean act and tell her about his feelings.

He sat there for hours and didn’t realize when he just dozed off. The next morning when Zarsha opened the door she was shocked to see Minsha sleeping there. For a second her heart melted but then everything that had happened last night crossed her mind like a flashback and she immediately composed her feelings.

When Minsha woke up he saw that the door was not locked from the outside and there was a note beside him that said “ Please Leave I Already Have Enough”. Minsha immediately stood up and went to Zarsha’s favorite cafe since he knew it was the only place she went to whenever she was sad or depressed. But when he saw her from the cafe window, she looked very broken and tired and Minsha lost the courage to face her.

Since that day Zarsha has always felt someone was following her like a guardian saving her from all the problems. This went on for a month although it has melted her heart to some extent but she was tired of him following her. So one day when she was going home from the supermarket Minsha was again following her, When for once Minsha was distracted and lost track of her.

He was afraid that something might have happened to her and started looking around like crazy. Suddenly someone from the back tapped him on his shoulder. When he turned he was shocked to see Zarsha staring at him. He immediately looked down and the only word that he could utter was “Sorry” and after that, he burst into tears. Zarsha also started sobbing like a baby,  hugged him, and forgave him. However, she knew that it was also her fault since she had started all this for fun and now she couldn’t blame him.

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