A decision that you'll regret forever
A decision that you'll regret forever

A decision that you’ll regret forever

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A decision that you’ll regret forever

Not every couple meets by dropping their books or running into each other; some have different types of history.

Animal was a really popular vlogger and influencer, she did advertisements for various types of brands and was really successful. She was a high schooler and was in her last year of school.

Aimal’s life was perfect she had loving parents, good grades, a friend circle, and popularity. But there was one thing missing in her life and that was love. It was not like she had never been in a relationship, but neither of her relationships worked out because the guys that she dated were with her for her money or her fame. And now she was tired of it and didn’t want to get into a relationship anytime soon.

So one time she did a shoot for a brand and it was a really big brand and they offered her a million dollars to do it she reluctantly agreed and when she did the shoot she did well, but backstage she was with her friend and she was telling her about how the product didn’t felt good on her skin and hopes doesn’t get an infection on her skin and that people should probably not buy this product. But she did the shoot anyway because it was a great sum of money.

         When she went back to school on Monday she met her rival Manisha. When Aimal went to change for cheerleading practice and she came out of the changing room, Manisha went to her and told her that she had something against her that could ruin her whole career and life. Aimal didn’t pay attention to her at that time but then Manisha showed her the video of her talking badly about the product of the brand she recently did an advertisement for. And she knew if Manisha posted that video. That brand would put all the charges on her and file a lawsuit against her and she didn’t want that. She begged Manisha to not post that video and that she’ll do anything that she wants her to do.

Manisha thought for a while and then said get in a relationship with Andrew aka the bookworm, whom Aimal hated, and make him trust her and then break his heart, Aimal knew it was a bad thing to do but she’d do anything to save her career. she was not in the mood to get in a relationship and it was also really hard to do that because she sometimes made fun of Andrew for always burying his head in the books. Let’s just say they weren’t on good terms.

The first thing Aimal did to approach him was ask for his notes or help her in studying. At first, Andrew was a little suspicious of her because she never asked anyone to help her because she herself was good at studying. Just like that it became their daily routine to study in the library and Aimal started to kinda like the time she spent with Andrew and they became good friends. 2 months flew by and Aimal started falling really hard for Andrew and the same goes for Andrew.

After waiting for a lot of time and thinking a lot, Andrew thought of confessing to Aimal because he thought that she’d accept him and life would be good. So the next day during recess Andrew climbed on top of a table in the cafeteria and everybody looked at him and he was kinda nervous, but shrugged it off and thought to only focus on proposing to Aimal when Aimal turned around.

Saw Andrew on the table her heart started to beat rapidly and she knew what was gonna happen. Suddenly Andrew confessed to her and she was overwhelmed and was going to accept Andrew’s proposal, but then suddenly her eyes met Manisha’s and they were looking really mischievous and Aimal knew if she accepted the proposal her whole life would be ruined by Manisha.

So Aimal chose her career over true love and she did that, she humiliated Andrew and asked how could he even think of proposing to her and things like that, and left Andrew heartbroken. On the other side, it was someone stabbing Aimal in the chest while she was going away from Andrew. But she thought she’d get over it but little did she know it was the worst decision of her life to throw away the happiness she could have.

Almost had gone by but Aimal still hadn’t recovered from the guilt she had inside of her for rejecting Andrew and humiliating him, and also because of her Andrew left that city and they never met and Aimal just didn’t have the peace in her life she always felt guilty or heart broken for whatever she did. It was like the worst decision of her life that she will regret forever.

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