Discovering Formula-1 Racing

Discovering Formula-1 Racing Formula One is the most prominent category of motor sport racing known as single-seater high-performance automobile racing. The popularity of the series has grown tremendously in countries like China, Italy, USA, France and UK. With more than thirteen seasons in the running, there are many enthusiasts around the globe. The teams are […]

Badminton at the Olympic Games

Badminton at the Olympic Games Badminton is an indoor racquet sport predominantly played with racquets, typically used to hit a ping-pong ball back and forth in a racquetball court. While it can be played with multiple teams, the most popular forms of the sport are “groups” and “quads.” In doubles, two to three people play […]

Badminton – A Unique Sport

Badminton – A Unique Sport Badminton is a racket sport played predominantly using racquets in an attempt to hit a ball into a net. While it can be played even with bigger teams, generally the most popular styles of this sport are” doubles” and” singles.” This article provides an introduction to badminton, the rules that […]

Which record is unbreakable in cricket?

Which record is unbreakable in cricket? Cricket is not only a physical sport but a game of emotions. Millions of people worldwide enjoy and support their favorite team’s performances. And they celebrate their victories and losses like their own. Its history is over a century old and there are over 104 countries worldwide involved in […]

Upcoming sports events 2022-23

Upcoming sports events 2022-23 In modern days, sports events are one of the best reasons for entertainment and gathering. Moreover, these events are also enormous sources of political, economic, and cultural benefits for the countries. The rivalries of the nations make the matches much more fun to watch. The matches transform into a do-or-die game […]