How is 6G different from 5G?

How is 6G different from 5G? 4G internet is now available almost all over the world. And the next generation of the internet, 5G, is also introduced to the world. But unfortunately, it is only available in 5 countries, China, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Yet, the engineers are making efforts to the […]

What are the types of robotic process automation?

What is robotic process automation? Robotic process automation is an intelligent form of automation technology that uses artificial intelligence like machine learning and language processing. The standard automation technologies use the machine to carry out any assigned task, while the robotic process automation only works on the front end to do the work and does […]

How is Computing Power Calculated?

How is Computing Power Calculated? The computing power is used to tell us about the performance of a computer. It includes speed, efficiency, accuracy, and process of the computer. A computer is a machine that performs some complex tasks that are impossible for even intelligent beings like us. The computing power results in the performance […]