Yoga For Kids

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Yoga For Kids

Our children today are exposed to many stressful factors. There is homework that

they have to do daily, competitions with other children, after-school play

classes, and sometimes excessive parenting schedules.

And just like us adults, these kids need something relaxing to

Yoga could be just such a tool.

Yoga for children then helps to become more aware of their body, and also teaches

they have complete self-control, flexibility and coordination. All of this they could accomplish

not only in yoga classes, but also in everyday life.

Yoga for children helps hyperactive children to reduce tone and

also brighten up those with attention deficit. Today’s children crave movement and

sensorimotor stimuli that can help them balance the inner flow of the soul.

Yoga for kids helps them channel these impulses in a positive direction.

Basic yoga poses for kids that are perfect for kids is the warrior.

pose and pose of a tree. These two yoga poses for kids help instill in them calmness,

confidence and balance.

The trick to get them to do yoga for kids is to go beyond simple activities.

pose, you have to make them think about what the actual pose means.

Let them think that they are really what the poses symbolize; let them perform

poses strong and confident, like a warrior.

Yoga for children with partners is also a good way to gain the trust of your children. it

develops teamwork skills and fosters closer communication.

Some children, when it comes to relaxation, have big problems with closing their eyes and

make them focus on their exercises. One thing that encourages a child to relax is

visualization. Let them think about what they really like and let them imagine

be like that.

You can also ask them to focus on their belly breathing first and listen to

soothing and relaxing music.

Then ask them to imagine a favorite place in the house, or let them think that they

swim in outer space, or let them pretend they are on the beach, playing

their favorite sport or activities they enjoy.

Sometimes boys are allowed to relax by letting them think of the girl they love, but

sometimes it is difficult to do this because they become shy and unbearable when it is

like questions are being discussed. Just stick to visualization if this technique

quite difficult for you.

Encourage the children to share at the end of each relaxation exercise each day.

own experience. Ask them to tell the group what it was like to be in their

rendered environment. Also ask them to tell you which place they envisioned.


Another approach is to create guided imaginations by telling them a story with

some kind of calming theme.

As you know, children have the most active imagination, they imagine different things. And in this moment of imagination, they calm down. So when doing

yoga for children makes them think they are walking in green pasture.

You can even let them think they are butterflies in a beautiful garden. Main

The idea here is to instill a sense of peace and unity with nature.

Yoga for children should be taught more often and in different places. It is important

Teach children the meaning of mind, body and spirit together.

We can offer our children so much knowledge

yoga practice.

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