Yoga For Kids

Yoga For Kids Our children today are exposed to many stressful factors. There is homework that they have to do daily, competitions with other children, after-school play classes, and sometimes excessive parenting schedules. And just like us adults, these kids need something relaxing to Yoga could be just such a tool. Yoga for children then […]

Nail fungus – causes and treatments

Nail fungus – causes and treatments The nail fungus, known medically as onychomycosis, is quite common. However, the number of reported cases seems to be on the rise in the past couple of decades. In part, this may be because people are more comfortable talking about this condition than in previous years. Although the condition […]

Getting a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep Trouble falling asleep, interrupted sleep, and staying awake at night; are just a few of the 80+ existing sleep problems. Worryingly, nearly 30% of the population cannot sleep or sleep too little so often that it becomes “normal” for them. Of course, physical discomfort can interfere with good sleep, such […]