What are the top eight beautiful countries in the world

What are the top eight beautiful countries in the world

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What are the top eight beautiful countries in the world

Are you also fed up with your boring life? Do you have some free time and wanna invest it in exploring nature? Surely a single trip can touch your comfort zone, and inspire you to see, taste, and try new things. It can also improve mental health and boost productivity. Scenic and memorable trip will make you cherish the world more. 

So, here is a list of the 8 most beautiful countries in the world. 


The beauty of Greece is surely present in its culture, nature, and history. It is filled with beautiful and hospitable people. Moreover, it is also known for its nutritious Mediterranean cuisine. It is also known as a paradise due to its religious history and culture. It surely is a budget-friendly destination with stunning beaches, a Mediterranean climate, and rich culture which deserves a visit.


It is a glorious city with ancient ruins, wonderful museums, soaring mountains, great beaches, and eye-catching natural sceneries. As soon as you step there you will be fascinated with the ancient history and culture of millennia. Every corner has its own story. Not only this it is also known as a legacy of art and architecture. These pieces include Florence’s streetscape, the Colosseum in Rome, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and the marble dome of st peter’s cathedral.

It is also a country washed with 5 seas, and around twenty of its cities have accessibility to the sea. They are also the master of our comfort food like pizza, pasta tiramisu, and gelato. The streets are stuffed with new flavors and recipes which surely won’t disappoint you. 


It’s known for its pink lake, vertical cliffs, beaches, and iconic wildlife Kangaroos, Koalas, wombats, cockatoos, and kookaburras. moreover, it is also known for its lush forests and tropical waterfalls. They are also known for their liveliness they have a festival for everything whether it is it’s food, art, music, film, or anything they celebrate it. 


The Newzealand has dazzling fame due to its captivating sceneries, hospitable people, variety of tourist spots, and mouth-watering cuisine and drink. It has a captivating diversity of landscapes within a small area. It is counted as the best spot for sky-gazing. The canopy of sparkling points can give you a dusky sweep of the Milkyway. 


It is known for its great mountain, crystalline lakes, and pretty villages. Their people are known for their healthy lifestyle. Even though it has the main cultivation of cheese and chocolate but its rule is to eat light, healthy, and sugar-free. Their diverse and rich culture is fairly combined with modern architecture. This makes it a perfect film location and tourist destination.


It is surely one of the damn beautiful countries in the world. Its most remarkable scenery is the northern lights magnificently dancing across the sky. Moreover, their government not only thinks for itself but also contributes to OECD a huge amount of aid for other countries. Therefore, 


From impressive architecture to a captivating culture, Austria has it all. When the other countries leave their authentic culture to become tourist spots, it has managed to keep it well. It is a small country which is thoroughly connected with train networks. It’s heaven for classic art and music lovers. Its stunning architecture manifested libraries, snow-topped mountains, crystalline lakes, and diverse landmarks are all that a tourist wants to invest in.  


What people love most about Thailand is its cuisine. Its markets are full of tons of flavors. Moreover, it is also cheap to go and enjoy yourself there. Not only this the country is also known for its lush jungles, tropical islands, and weather. It has the summer throughout the year. Which is a perfect combo to enjoy the beachy vibe. The people are also very kind and friendly. They welcome all the visitors warm-heartedly.

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