What Are The Top 5 Most Visited Countries?

What Are The Top 5 Most Visited Countries?

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What Are The Top 5 Most Visited Countries?

In this hectic life, we all need some free time to enjoy life. For this, the best option is to explore the world. Travelling can improve mental health, and enhances the body’s productivity. 

In modern time, new technology has made it much easier to travel across countries. It not only introduces a new culture but also makes you see the beauty of the world. It not only enhances knowledge but can help us improve relations with other countries. 

Today, due to more convenience people feel free to visit their favorite countries whenever they are free. 

In recent years these 5 countries are listed as the most visited countries in the world. 


The France is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It is known for its art, architecture, culture, landmarks, and history. Around every year 89 million people visit the country. Its most admired for its panoramic views and the Eiffel tower. 

Many couples dream to celebrate their memorable time in a romantic country. It is also famous for its food wine and variety of flowers. This makes it an ideal country to date. 


Spain receives 84 million visitors every years. This is because of its remarkable scenic beauty and the cuisines. It is famous for its diversity of landscapes from rugged mountains to snowcapped hills and glistening beaches you can enjoy all within a country. 

Moreover, their local Spanish cuisine touches a different frame. The Spanish dishes are known for being delicious, healthy, and flavourful. It also gives you a vibrant glance of its culture with its whitewashed small villages and loving people.

United States 

Most peoples visit the U.S to see its natural wonders, cities, landmarks, and entertainment venues. The country has different travel trends from city hopping to road tripping. Therefore, it has wrapped around 79 million visitors every year. 

Its biggest plus point is that it is easier to travel to the U.S. mostly people visit the country for its museum, food, theme parks, and hidden gems. The small town in the U.S sometimes has more to explore than Washington D.C. Hence, every visitors recommend visiting the at least once in their lifetime. 


China has 500 years old history and culture. It is one of the world’s four oldest great civilizations. It breadth the richest culture through its food, medicine, tea, art, calligraphy, opera, costumes, and festivals. Although, the country is known for its advancement and technology but still it has a fasinating natural landscape to share. Its li river in Guilin is known as the landscape of heaven on the Yellow mountain. 

Not only this, it is also famous for its variety of culture and food trends. Within the country there are over 55 ethinic groups and customs to show. 


The italy is known as the hub of historical buildings. It shares a huge historical heritage of Roman and te Bezantine empires. From its Collossum, leaning pisa tower to romantic boat rides there’s nothing to miss. Not only the buildings and monuments but its magestic eighteen mountain peaks gives a different vibe. 

They are filled with fasinting lush and colourful villages. Moreover, the italian cuisines are also known for their taste and nutrition. They try to make healthy sugar-free yet delicious recipes which captivate every foodie. 


No matter which country you travel the real aim is to relax and spend some time with the nature. The foreign trip can help us adopt different cultures and connect more people. Moreover, these scenic trips can also make you cherish the world. You leave all the tensions behind and just focus on enjoying the present time in a different realm.

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