Top 8 Crypto Coins To Buy Right Now

Top 8 Crypto Coins To Buy Right Now

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Top 8 Crypto Coins To Buy Right Now

In modern times, everything is updated in a digital form. Whether it’s business or household every field has been modernized. The same has happened to banks and payments. 

The world has switched to digital and encrypted payment algorithms known as cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized, secure, and efficient method to make transactions virtually using your digital crypto wallet.  This blockchain method doesn’t need any third party to make transactions and data is secured as digital assets on computers.

Top 8 Cryptocurrencies to invest in right now 


Undoubtedly, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency type. It is a peer-to-peer transaction that doesn’t need any third party’s verification. It is a broad electronic network that creates, stores, trades and distributes blockchain currency. Many other cryptocurrencies are based on its algorithm. It is the most valuable crypto form. 


Ethereum is the second most flourished online currency after bitcoin. It provides the investor with a smart contract. It is a decentralized blockchain platform that executes and verifies secure application codes. Users can enjoy a peer-to-peer network and not worry about security or efficiency. In March 2022, its value rose from $11 to $3,000


A tether is a form of stablecoin crypto. It retains the value of its tokens. Its price is traditionally following the dollar or euros. It is held by investors who want to avoid volatility in their accounts. Its value remains the same. And it doesn’t offer any benefits but it can make money from fees or by providing loans to other institutes. It’s widely known for its consistency and it has captured over $79 billion market. 

Binance coin

It is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, introduced by the Binance exchange and trade. It was an Ethereum network but now Finance managed to make its blockchain. It guarantees to make the most assets for the investors. It can be used for transactions, payment, and entertainment purposes. Its current market value is over $68 billion.


XPR follows a unique algorithm. It aims to make things easier for everyday consumers. The blockchain is designed for consumer applications and seamless payments. It’s used for governance, network allowance, allocation, and staking. It facilitates users to exchange different currency types. It has earned a revenue of over $37 billion. 


It is an open-source blockchain payment platform that can detect and track the prices of other cryptocurrencies. It algorithmically follows the stablecoin. It maintains the balance between two currencies. If one currency’s value rises the Terra needs to be burned to create more terra stablecoins. This protocol is to reduce the volatility of currency in the market. Today it has captured a $34 billion market price. 


It aims to store the value or exchange funds. It is a decentralized blockchain network that has replaced the Proof of work network. It is designed  to provide flexible, sustainable, and scalable contracts. It’s also known as the next generation of Ethereum evolution. It is extremely environmentally friendly; uses less energy and provides efficient connectivity. Its price by march 2022 was $0.99 each. 


This blockchain is widely known for its speed and efficiency. It is a native cryptocurrency used to pay transaction fees. However, in 2017 it has been listed as top cryptocurrencies. It is a highly efficient and stable currency with long-term investment. Each Solana coin is worth around 32 U.S dollars. 

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