Is artificial intelligence and machine learning a suitable career?

Is artificial intelligence and machine learning a suitable career?

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Is artificial intelligence and machine learning a suitable career?

With the passage of time, humans are exploring new ways to make their lives more comfortable and efficient. In earlier days, they made houses, clothes, beds, daily usage instruments, and many more to facilitate their living. In the 18th century, the industrial revolution came, and man’s labor was transferred to machines. Then in the 20th century, when the technology revolution came, they invented electronics for further ease. 

And now, scientists and engineers are tirelessly working on developing robots. They are getting the aid of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to make this dream come true. The robots will be the exact copy of humans. They will walk, talk, think, work, and even do things humans can not. The aim of developing robots is to provide humans with more comfort and release the work pressure from their shoulders. However, this idea has too much resemblance to slavery and makes humans completely useless.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to think and process data. It is similar to the intelligence of humans and other living things; the only difference is that these machines are programmed to follow the thinking pattern of humans. It allows the artificial objects to make their own decisions according to given conditions.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the field of study in which the performance of machines is analyzed, and methods to improve it are introduced. It mainly includes the application of algorithms and statistical models to identify data patterns. Machine Learning focuses on enhancing learning, reasoning, decision-making, and predictions. 

Is artificial intelligence and machine learning a suitable career?

Artificial intelligence is a broad field that provides freshers with different career opportunities. The top 5 careers in Artificial intelligence are:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Robotics
  3. Data Science
  4. Big Data Engineering
  5. Business Intelligence Development

Machine learning, also known as ML, is the most popular career on the list. There are many jobs available in this field. As it is still growing, hundreds more opportunities are popping out regularly. 

Moreover, it will be a futuristic approach to pursuing a career in Machine Learning. As we know, machines and robots are gradually taking over all the jobs of humans, so it will be clever to try your luck in a field that requires human input to build these programs and machines. Machine Learning is not entirely explored yet, so you will be able to learn what is known and get deeper into it on your own. With Machine Learning, another generation of processing power is going to be introduced. It will be revolutionary and have an impact on every sector. 

The salaries of Machine Learning engineers are also very fascinating. According to an estimation, in the USA, an average Machine Learning engineer earns more than 150 thousand US Dollars per year. In California, it is around 198 thousand USD and 169 thousand USD in New York. And the good news is, according to the specialists, these numbers will double in upcoming years. Machine Learning will be one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

AI is going to replace 44 million humans in jobs within the next ten years. 

Machine Learning can be helpful in switching fields within AI, as all fields of AI are interconnected and require the same type of learning and experience to start off. 


Machine Learning focuses more on practical learning than theoretical. As a fresher, you can start with Python programming language and polish yourself in this career. And after getting a complete command of the programming language, you can also build beginner-level Machine Learning projects such as face detection, traffic predictor, social media analyzer, age and gender identifier, etc. Even with these simple projects in your portfolio and some basic know-how of Machine Learning, you can get a suitable job in this career.

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